Peter Stringfellow thinks Simon Cowell will be the ''best dad in the world''.

Socialite Lauren Silverman is expecting a child with media mogul Simon after a secret affair, and 72-year-old businessman Peter thinks his friend will be a great father.

He told Kate Garraway on TV show 'Lorraine': ''Listen, Simon and I have many funny conversations - he doesn't really need advice from me.

''I'm a big fan of Simon. He's very wonderful I like him and he will handle this with the same style as he handles everything he'll come through it with flying colours.

''He'll end up being probably the best dad in the world, next to me of course and I'm sure that he's great fun.''

Peter and his third wife Bella Wright, 30, welcomed their first child together, Rosabella, into the world last Thursday (01.08.13) and while Peter - who has two other children and four grandchildren - admitted there is a huge age gap between him and his youngest, he will try to be a good father.

He said: ''Anything is different in life when it's such a big gap.

''I worked it out you see and I've actually got a list of what I eat and what I drink and I've worked out and I'm going to be around until i'm about 106.

''So [Bella's] going to be about 30 when I say good bye.

''First my daughter, I was 21 years old, my son was three years later and it was a different life, a different time.

''Though I was a good father to both of them, even though they're to different mums - I was married to both mums of course - and I'm sure they would say that I've been in their lives as much as possible.''