Peter Bjorn and John are to release their eight studio album.

The Swedish indie/pop band have announced that 'Darker Days' will be available from October 19, and the group will also be returning to the US for four concerts in addition to their previously announced European tour.

The group - comprised of Peter Moren, Bjorn Yttling and Johan Eriksson - have taken a more stripped down approach to their songs this time around but the 'Young Folks' hitmakers insist their signature sound is still apparent on the tracks.

Each song will highlight each member's unique song writing style and the album will explore issues of relationships, the human mind and the bands own personal issues.

In a statement, the trio said: ''Peter tackling what's happening in the world right now, Bjorn delving into relationship issues and John, the most existential, exploring the shadows of our own psyche.''

The 'Nothing To Worry About' star's tour will begin on October 18 at Flex in Vienna, Austria and will end at the Independent in San Francisco, California on December 9.

The band worked on the LP without any outside interference and hope that taking away ''meaningless discussions and middle men'' will help improve their sound.

Bjorn said: ''Our common goal was to talk less and play music more.''

Peter added: ''The idea of 'anything goes' that applied to the last album stayed, but we decided to do it all ourselves this time.

''We cut out any meaningless discussions and middle men, and made each band member his own boss and producer. We didn't have to explain every move we made.

''In the past we put out a record every second year and most of them we produced ourselves in Stockholm. I really enjoy making records quick. And then on to the next thing - constantly moving. It helps keep the joy of it.''