Peter Andre asked his wife Emily's father for permission to date her.

The 44-year-old singer first met the doctor in 2010 when he invited her and her mother Rebecca to watch him perform as a thank you to her dad Ruaraidh MacDonagh after he treated the 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker for kidney stones, and though she caught his eye straight away, he waited another two years before he asked Emily, now 28, out and was determined to do things right.

He explained: ''I didn't ever want to do the wrong thing, so I knew the day I asked her dad for permission to go out with me and said: 'Can I ask her to be my girlfriend?'

''I knew that it wasn't a fling and my intention was to marry her.''

And Emily - who has Amelia, four, and 14-month-old Theo with Peter - admitted she felt an ''instant'' connection when she met the 'Behind Closed Doors' singer for the first time.

In a joint interview with OK! magazine, she said: ''It was love at first sight for me when I met Pete.

''It was instant. I couldn't explain it. It was bizarre. We made eye contact and little did I know he was my future husband.

''There was some kind of pheromone going on and I just knew.

''It made me believe in true love. On paper it didn't seem like we were compatible, such as him being involved in the entertainment industry.''

However, Emily was initially reluctant to get involved with Peter because of his children, Junior, 12, and 10-year-old Princess - who he has with ex-wife Katie Price - but she quickly changed her mind.

She said: ''I thought he liked partying and he had kids. obviously now I love them, but when you're thinking about going out with someone when you're 23 it's not the first thing on your list, but all of that just didn't matter.

''First and foremost I could see he was a great dad before we had kids together. I love J and P.''

Peter recently admitted he was keen to have another child but his wife wasn't so keen - though she could now be changing her mind.

She said: ''I did have a bit of a moment the other day.

''A lady told me she was in the very early stages of pregnancy and she hadn't told anyone else and I had a little moment where I felt a bit jealous.

''I worry it's going to become more often now I've thought of it once. So I'm not saying I'd have one right this second as I need to work, but I'm not ruling it out.''