On Monday lawyers for the British brand filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in a Manhattan federal report against the up-and-coming musician.

As a result, Perry has announced that he will no longer be going by the name Burberry Perry and will instead be known as The Good Perry.

The lawsuit also accused Perry of using Burberry's trademark check pattern and equestrian logo to promote his album and social media pages.

The rapper annouced the name change via his Twitter account, writing, "I am now the one the only thegoodperry aka TG Perry. I am no longer Burberry Perry."

In the lawsuit, Burberry's lawyers alleged that Perry had used the, "fame and renown of the Burberry trademark for his own personal gain, to promote his albums, garner media attention and grow a fan base, all to the detriment of Burberry."

Falling foul of the fashion brand is not the first time the rapper has hit the headlines. Earlier this year (16) Kylie Jenner caused controversy after she delivered an explicit rap on a track he released via the free streaming service SoundCloud.

At the time of WENN going to press, lawyers for Burberry were yet to indicate whether they will drop the lawsuit in the wake of the name change.