The stars of hit Channel 4 comedy Peep Show have suggested that the show could go on "forever".

David Mitchell and Robert Webb, who play social outcasts Mark and Jeremy in the sitcom, have been told by the show's producers there is no reason that it cannot continue for at least a decade.

Viewers can watch the final episode in the fourth series of Peep Show tonight on Channel 4, while a fifth series of the comedy has already been commissioned.

"I would like to think that Peep Show could go on forever," Andrew O'Connor, the co-founder of Objective Productions, which produces the sitcom, told

"We've had a fifth series commissioned, I don't see why we can't see these two men growing up, or growing older, over the next five or ten years I really don't."

Mitchell and Webb are currently starring in their first feature film together, Magicians, which opens today, and the comedy double act say they would "definitely consider" making a movie version of the Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong-penned Peep Show.

But Webb says fans should only expect to see Mark and Jeremy on the big screen once Peep Show has run its natural course on TV.

"Because I think doing a film is tantamount to shooting Peep Show in the head," he explained.

"If you suddenly have a film where you see Mark and Jeremy evolving or learning anything then it's difficult to go back to them behaving like idiots again."

In Magicians, Mitchell and Webb play two inept small-time illusionists forced to put aside their considerable differences to enter an international magic competition together.

18/05/2007 11:04:35