A high-priced puppy ended a dream collaboration between feuding GUNS N' ROSES founders Axl Rose and Slash and funk legend Sly Stone.
Stone had tentatively signed on to re-record some of his obscure tracks with former Skid Row star Sebastian Bach, who had suggested his friends Rose and Slash join them in the studio.
But Bach's dream of bringing the Guns N' Roses duo back together hit a snag when eccentric Stone demanded a pedigree pup.
The rocker tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I was footing the bill for this session on my own. I had everyone ready to go. At the very last minute my manager calls Sly and says, 'What's Sly going to need?' Sly wanted me to buy him a dog.
"He gave me this information on a specific kennel in northern California, in Napa Valley, and a specific breed for one puppy that he wanted me to buy for him for $8,500.
"That was the straw that broke the camel's back on the session... I almost had them (Slash and Rose) reunited on a Sly tune. That still could happen.
"If I can afford to buy Sly the puppy he wanted, I can reunite Guns N' Roses."