DIANA, Princess Of Wales's former butler Paul Burrell has hinted he will hand over controversial tapes from his late employer to her son Prince WILLIAM.

Burrell has made himself unpopular with the Princess's family by recently publishing his memoirs, A ROYAL DUTY, which contain explosive revelations about the British royal.

It is thought Burrell has tapes of Diana, who died in a Parisian car crash in 1997, talking about ex-valet GEORGE SMITH's reported allegations that he was sexually assaulted by a male member of her ex-husband Prince Charles' royal staff.

Burrell has denied having these tapes, but said on American television on Friday (31OCT03), "I'll speak about it with William when I see him personally."

He also added he is looking forward to meeting William and his brother Prince Harry, following their request that he stop making public confidential details about the Princess.

He said, "The boys can have anything they want because I have nothing to hide from them. William has expressed a wish to see me. I'm very much looking forward to seeing him and sitting down and talking man to man.

"When I have that meeting, it's going to be a very private meeting behind closed doors and no one will ever know what's been said. That's the right way to do it."

02/11/2003 10:36