British actor Paul Bhattacharjee committed suicide after he was declared bankrupt, inquest officials have ruled.

The body of the 53 year old, who appeared in James Bond movie Casino Royale and in longrunning U.K. soap opera Eastenders, was found near the cliffs at Splash Point in East Sussex, England in July (13), two days after he was reported missing.

At an inquest in Eastbourne to determine the cause of death, Bhattacharjee's girlfriend, Emma MCKie, revealed the actor was a "proud" man who had a "darkness inside him that was irreparable".

She stated, "(He was a) protective man and he couldn't have handled the bankruptcy becoming public knowledge... He would not have wanted to let me down or hurt me or his friends. The bankruptcy was the final straw after a life of major highs and lows...

"I do believe that Paul would take his own life. I knew about his past and the pain inside him, and I could see it in his eyes."

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner Alan Craze declared, "The conclusion of this inquest will be that Gautam Paul Bhattacharjee took his own life whilst the balance of his mind was disturbed.

"He was extremely depressed at the time. This was a huge tragedy for a lot of people."