Drug charges against supermodel INGRID PAREWIJCK will be dropped in six months if the Belgian beauty stays clean, a New York judge ruled Monday (28MAR05).

The GUERLAIN model, 26, was found in possession of 2.7 grams (0.095 ounces) of cocaine in her luggage upon arrival at New York's John F Kennedy (JFK) airport after a flight from Paris on 10 July (04).

As part of her plea agreement, the New York-based model agreed to enrol on a drug rehabilitation programme instead of face a possible conviction.

On Monday, Queens Supreme Court Justice SUZANNE MELENDEZ adjourned Parewijck's case for six months and has promised to wipe clean her record as long as she stays out of trouble.

After completing rehab last September (04), Parewijck said, "It's stupid what I've done, and I hope other young girls won't do the same as I have.

"I'm just ashamed. It has influenced my job in a bad way. I just hope I can go back to a normal life and learn from it."

30/03/2005 17:47