The parents of a tragic teenage cancer victim were moved to tears after the cast and crew of Breaking Bad decided to dedicate the final episodes of the hit Tv series to their son.

Kevin Cordasco, 16, lost his seven-year battle with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, in March (13). He was a huge fan of the drama after making a connection with Bryan Cranston's chemistry teacher-turned-drug lord character Walter White, who was diagnosed with lung cancer during the programme's first season.

Kevin's love of the show led to a close bond between himself and many of the series' cast and crew - Cranston even visited the youngster in hospital to spend time together - and they decided to dedicate the last season to the teen.

The premiere episode of the second half of season five aired in the U.S. on Sunday (11Aug13) and his parents Melodie and Kevin Cordasco were choked up as they read the words, "Dedicated to our friend Kevin Cordasco" onscreen before the end credits rolled.

Speaking to E! News, Kevin says, "Outside of all the craziness and the crystal meth, he saw someone who wouldn't let cancer stop him."

Recalling Cranston's hospital visit, Melodie adds, "(Cranston) just was so warm and just amazing with Kevin. They just really connected. (When I saw the dedication) I cried. It was beautiful."