Good news for fans of lights being turned on and off dramatically, people suddenly appearing behind other people, and dodgy grainy camera footage; 'Paranormal Activity 4' is coming soon! We've known this since January, when Paramount Pictures confirmed that a fourth instalment of their hugely successful horror franchise was in the works. And why wouldn't it be? Its predecessor 'Paranormal Activity 3' was made on a budget of just $5 million, but went on to gross over $205 million at the worldwide box office, the most successful of the lot so far. With figures like that they'd be crazy not to.
All's been quiet since, and still there's no real revelations regarding the plot line or even the characters involved. Paramount have, though, just released a trailer through Apple's iTunes trailer library, and, just as you'd expect, the clip is full of, well, lights being turned on and off, people suddenly appearing behind other people, and also a really sub-standard sandwich being made - the latter a definite tell-tale sign that there's something not right.
The trailer does give a slight insight as to what might be going on in the new film, with the troubles for the main family featured in the clip apparently coinciding with the arrival of new neighbours next door - who might possibly be the same people who we're told "disappeared" in 2006, five years before the trailer. Well, if you aren't willing to give them a warm welcome to your neighbourhood and maybe some sort of home baked treat as an additional hello to make them feel part of the community, then you've got what's coming to you quite frankly.