SYLVIA actress Gwyneth Paltrow has attacked the press for relentlessly hounding her, labelling the paparazzi inhumane and "bad".

Last month (JAN04) pregnant Paltrow's rocker husband Chris Martin lashed out at a photographer as they left Kate Moss' 30th birthday party in London, but the screen beauty insists it's the snappers who are guilty of showing aggression - because they'll do absolutely anything to fill magazine pages.

She says, "What people don't know is the ugly aggressiveness that goes into getting a picture for a weekly celebrity magazine.

"There'll be someone sitting outside your house, day and night. The paparazzi stop at nothing.

"You appeal to their sense of humanity, but they don't care. They'll shout stuff at you, try to run you off the road, anything to get a picture. They're bad."

06/02/2004 19:04