A leaked document listing the winners of the 2009 Academy Awards is a fake, according to an Oscars spokeswoman.
Papers alleging to be the complete list of Sunday's (22Feb09) Oscar winners has been published on the internet.
The list was at first believed to be authentic as it is branded with the signature of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' president Sid Ganis.
The list reports the night's main winners will be Mickey Rourke (Best Actor), Kate Winslet (Best Actress), Heath Ledger (Best Supporting Actor) and Amy Adams (Best Supporting Actress).
The paper also shows British filmmaker Danny Boyle will be handed the Best Director award, and his Slumdog Millionaire named Best Picture trophy at the glitzy Hollywood event at Los Angeles' Kodak Theatre.
The document goes on to warn insiders to handle the winning names "with extreme care".
But Oscar bosses have dismissed the list as nothing more than a hoax - insisting the votes are still being counted.
The Academy's spokeswoman Leslie Unger says, "The document is a complete fraud.
"PricewaterhouseCoopers is still counting the ballots and there are only two people there who will know the complete list of winners in advance of the envelopes being opened during the ceremony. The Academy's president is not advised of the winners in advance and no such list is created."
It is not the first time this awards season (09) that a purported winner has been leaked - a star next to Anne Hathaway's name on the Golden Globes' website's list of nominees led to speculation she was to take home the prize for Best Actress. In fact, it was Kate Winslet who went on to win the award.