The most glamorous attraction at this year's Oscar ceremonies may not be any of the stars, but the stage itself. A model of the set to be erected at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood for the March 5 affair was displayed to the press Tuesday by designer Roy Christopher, who said that he wanted to create a representation of the movie "palaces" built across the country in the 1930s and '40s, including the Tower Theatre in Fresno, CA where he grew up. Christopher, who has designed the sets for the Oscars since 1979, told the BBC that "It was my idea to really take a look back, and we call it 'Retro' with a capital R." However, the creative process was well underway before the nominations were announced. "We thought it was going to be a year of very big movies like King Kong, Geisha and The Producers." Instead, the top nominees turned out to be small art-house films, not the kind associated with movie palaces. "By then we'd gone down the road of designing this tribute to going to the movies and different movie palaces," Christopher said.