The original line-up of DINOSAUR JR is recording its first studio album in 18 years. The pioneering grunge trio - J MASCIS, LOU BARLOW and EMMETT 'PATRICK' MURPHY - came together for a reunion tour last year (05). And, although it wasn't planned, the band are now taping a follow-up to their 1988 disc BUG and are eyeing a spring 2007 release. Barlow says, "We spent the better part of two years touring together, so we might as well make a record together. "The reunion thing went well, considering we held up and enjoyed it. The new album is just a way of extending it. The band pretty much does one thing at a time. I thought we'd be done after the tour, but then the album magically popped up. "We probably won't do anything else, but then again, we'll see." Mascis had continued to record under the Dinosaur Jr name until 1997, before the classic line-up reunited in 2005.