British opera singer Richard Angas has died at the age of 71 after collapsing during a rehearsal.

The bass vocalist, who found fame in 1986 as the lead role in British opera director Sir Jonathan Miller's production of The Mikado, collapsed while rehearsing for a production of Peter Grimes in Leeds, England, on Tuesday (20Aug13).

He was rushed to a hospital but doctors were unable to save him and he was pronounced dead. A cause of death had not been determined as Wenn went to press.

Sir Jonathon has paid tribute to the star, telling the Bbc, "I owe a great deal to Richard Angas... Apart from the fact that he was one of the great performers in a long lasting production of The Mikado, he was one of the most convivial professional companions whose company I enjoyed for many, many years."

Richard Mantle, the general director of England's national opera company, Opera House, has also paid tribute to Angas, writing, "(He was) a performer of great character and charisma, generous hearted and an incredible friend to all who knew and worked with him, he will be sorely missed... We are incredibly sad to lose such an esteemed and admired performer, and so suddenly, and we extend our thoughts and deepest condolences to Richard's wife Rosanne and their family."