A new survey indicates that among those who watch video online, TV shows and movies are not among their favorites. According to the survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates and Metacafe, most preferred watching "short-form" videos, with "comedy/jokes/bloopers" listed as the most commonly viewed videos (37 percent) with "music videos" close behind (36 percent). "Videos shot and uploaded by consumers" was the third most popular category (33 percent), followed by "news stories" (31 percent) and "movie previews" (28 percent). Commenting on the failure of online television shows to make the top five, Metacafe CEO Erick Hacheburg said in a statement that they represent "just the same long-form programs, with the same audience, supported by the same advertisements -- only the delivery platform is different." He described short-form video as "an emerging entertainment genre" in its own right.