Troubled actress TATUM O'NEAL has kept her job on TV show RESCUE ME, despite her recent drug arrest.
The star was charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance after cops caught her exchanging money with a dealer three blocks from her New York home. She claimed the incident was her first lapse in sobriety after a longterm battle with drug addition.
And bosses on the FX network programme are keen to give her the chance to prove herself.
O'Neal had already filmed two episodes for the fifth season - and co-creator Peter Tolan expects her character Maggie to return.
He tells, "We want to bring her back, and I haven't heard anything about why she wouldn't be available to us. It's a misdemeanour, so she's not going to do time, and nobody has said to us we can't insure her or anything like that. So I'm assuming she's available to us and it's 'business as usual.'"