Actor Ryan O'Neal recently posted $50,000 (£31,250) bail to help out a troubled pal of his drug addict son Redmond.
Matt Veltri was arrested outside the Love Story star's Malibu, California home on 22 July (11) after allegedly breaking into a home nearby while in possession of narcotics.
He was booked on burglary and drug charges and released on bail hours later - but he owes his freedom to O'Neal for putting up the cash to secure his freedom.
Veltri, who claims the arrest was a misunderstanding, tells America's Star magazine that O'Neal did the good deed because he "knows" he is "a good kid".
The 26 year old was busted again for drugs just three days later and was caught while in a car with Redmond, but Veltri insists he wasn't the dealer providing illegal substances to his famous friend, the son of O'Neil and the late Farrah Fawcett, who is back behind bars following his own drugs bust earlier this month (Aug11).
Veltri says, "Ryan would never allow one of Redmond's friends to come into his house and deal drugs."
He will fight the burglary and drug charges in court on 20 September (11). Redmond, who has been remanded in custody, will appear in court to face felony counts of heroin possession and illegal possession of a firearm on 24 August (11).