Years & Years star Olly Alexander admits to feeling ''vulnerable'' on stage.

The 27-year-old musician is the frontman of one of Britain's most popular new bands, but he's confessed that he still feels fragile when he appears on stage and has to sing for thousands of people.

Appearing in a new documentary about mental health called '27 Gone Too Soon', Olly shared: ''When you're on stage, you are inherently vulnerable and I think it's mainly what people project onto you.''

Elsewhere, Gary Numan has advised people who cannot handle criticism and attention to make a swift exit from the music industry.

The 60-year-old star - who also appears in '27 Gone Too Soon' - claimed that aspiring musicians need to have a certain level of resilience if they are to achieve any level of longevity within the business.

He explained: ''If you're not reasonably ... very strong up here, and you can't take all this stuff, then you should get out. You know, it's not the right business for fragile people.''

Gary, 60, is among the stars stressing the need for mental stability in the music industry.

And he's admitted to being shocked by the impact of mental health issues on some of his showbiz pals.

Speaking to The Independent, Gary - who released his debut solo album, 'The Pleasure Principle', in 1979 - shared: ''I have seen more than enough destruction in people I've known over the years, but I had no idea that 27 was the age that took so many.

''This is a fascinating look into what can lead people onto such a terrible path.''

'27 Gone Too Soon' features interviews with stars who knew the famous artists who all coincidentally died at the age of 27.