Olivier Rousteing's collaboration with L'Oreal Paris has been a ''dream''.

The 31-year-old fashion designer, who is the creative director of Balmain, has teamed up with the cosmetics giant to launch a 12-piece lipstick lie titled Balmain x L'Oreal Paris, and the star was honoured to partner with the label because he believes the company is the epitome of ''French heritage''.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, the creative mastermind said: ''Working with them has been a dream because, exactly like Balmain, they represent French Heritage. ''

The mogul has admitted he met with the company about the project one year ago, but started to develop his line over six months.

He explained: ''I met with the L'Oreal Paris team in Cannes last year and, after sharing various ideas for about six months, we soon had a 12-strong lipstick line.''

However, Olivier was keen to put his own ''couture spin'' on his capsule, which has seen him create three lipsticks, which can be worn as jewellery.

He said: ''It was essential for me to bring a couture spin, so I've created three shades that will be available as little pendant gems, which you can wear as jewellery.''

And the style icon, who is known for wearing shoulder pad blazers, believes the beauty equivalent of his signature style is lipstick, because both the make-up item and his wardrobe staple give him ''power and confidence''.

He explained: ''Lipstick, of course. The shoulder pads in my clothes are all about strength, power and confidence, and that's the same for lipstick.''

Olivier's busy lifestyle sees him jet across the globe to put on extravagant catwalk shows and shoot fashion campaigns for his prestigious brand, which is why he would love nothing more than to be able to teleport himself to different destinations because he ''hates'' flying.

When asked about the one invention he needs in his life, he said: ''Being able to get from country to country in two minutes. I hate flying and not being able to be in control.''