Olivia Buckland felt terrified when she found a lump while taking a shower.

The former 'Love Island' star feared the worst when she discovered a lipoma - a benign growth of fatty tissue which grows under the skin - and she always makes sure to check her breasts and armpits for anything unusual.

She said: ''I found it while I was in the shower and I felt the blood drain from my head. I was so scared! I had an ultrasound and the doctor said it was fine.

''They are sending it for a biopsy just to be sure. I always check my boobs and armpits, it's so important.''

Olivia was grateful to have her 26-year-old fiance Alex Bowen with her when she had the lump removed - but he fainted during the procedure.

She said: ''Alex passed out! It made me feel sick because I was awake.

''It looked like a chicken fillet, it was so big! I've had it there for three years, I wanted to get rid of it for the wedding.''

After the pair tie the knot, they will head to Sri Lanka followed by the Maldives for their honeymoon, and Olivia cannot wait to holiday with her husband-to-be.

She added to OK! magazine: ''I'm excited to go on our first holiday as a married couple. The Maldives is somewhere I've always dreamed of going.

In a joint interview with OK! magazine, Alex added: ''We're so similar and what we've got is very rare, so it's easy to spend all our time together.

''I feel sorry for people who haven't got what we have.''

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