Olivia Buckland wants a ''natural glam look'' on her wedding day.

The 24-year-old reality star is set to marry her 28-year-old fiance, Alex Bowen - who she met on the ITV show 'Love Island' two years ago - in a few weeks time and is planning to pare down her signature style for the big day.

In an interview with Britain's Glamour magazine, she said: ''Although I do love the full glam look, I've started to come round to the idea that less is more. I want to look like me, so I feel like a natural glam look would be ideal.''

The blonde beauty has spent the last year during all she can to ensure her skin is in the best possible condition for her wedding.

She said: ''It's difficult because you feel like you should look a certain way when you get married, but for me, it's all about my skin.

''Which is why I have had such a regimented routine over the past year or so as I really want it to look both glowy and radiant.''

Olivia's pre-wedding skin care routine has included detoxing masks, brightening masks and chemical peels.

She said: ''Each week, I'll always have a pamper sesh and use a Skin Republic sheet mask, changing which one I use depending on how my skin is feeling at the time.

''My go-to when I'm feeling oily is the Charcoal Detox mask, or if I'm feeling like my skin's looking a little tired and dull, I'll go for the Vitamin C Brightening Mask.

''Since booking the wedding I have also been visiting the Dr Medispa Clinic every five months for a chemical peel treatment which makes such a difference to my complexion.

''I literally feel like a new woman afterwards!''