O.J. SIMPSON has received an apology from a Las Vegas courthouse after an employee took a photograph of the former American footballer on his cell phone following the star's hearing on Wednesday (19Sep07). Simpson is charged with 10 felony counts and one misdemeanour count following an alleged armed sports memorabilia raid on a hotel suite in the Palace Station Hotel + Casino in Las Vegas last week (13Sep07). He was arrested last Sunday (16Sep07) and spent three days in custody before he was released on $125,000 (GBP62,500) bail on Wednesday morning. But the rogue court reporter who took the snap as the Naked Gun star left the brief hearing, has now been reprimanded by officials at the Clark County Courts Administration for his "abhorrent" behaviour, according to TMZ.com. The letter of apology, which was sent by Court Executive Officer Charles J. Short to both of Simpson's attorneys - Nevada's Gabriel L. Grasso and Florida's Yale L. Galanter - expresses "deep regret" at the actions of the "contract employee" and assures Simpson the photo has now been deleted. Short also said the picture "had not been shared electronically". Simpson has now returned to his home in Florida and will return to court for a further hearing on 17 October (07), where he will plead his innocence.