Offset has bought a new car for the man who saved him when he was involved in a car crash.

The Migos rapper - who is currently engaged and expecting a baby with Cardi B - was left needing a trip to the hospital earlier this month when he completely wrecked his green Dodge Challenger in an accident on the road in Atlanta.

And now, TMZ has revealed that he paid back a passerby named Jamar, who was walking to work when he saw Offset climbing out of the car, and helped save him from the wreckage.

Offset has purchased a car for Jamar, so he no longer has to walk to and from work, and detailed the decision in a video shared with the gossip website.

He said in the clip: ''This my boy. He saved my life when I had that accident. He was the only one that saved me. Helped me get out the car, helped me walk, get me to where I had to get to. So I bought my boy a car. Because you know, he was walking to work. He was walking to work when he saved my life.''

After the crash, Offset was taken to hospital for treatment of ''minor injuries'', and was later released after having his hand bandaged.

Offset's accident came as the latest in a string of unlucky events for the rapper, who recently had a $150,000 chain stolen from his hotel room after the Met Gala.

The 'Culture II' rapper realised his chain was missing several hours after the ball when he landed in Atlanta, so contacted his manager, Danny Zook, who was still at the hotel, but when staff searched the vacated suite, it was nowhere to be seen.

Police have confirmed they are currently investigating the theft and are currently checking security cameras near the elevator of the hotel.