Officials at the Los Angeles District Attorney's office have opposed a petition seeking the release of former R+B star WAYMOND `SUAVE' ANDERSON from jail, insisting new evidence contesting his 1993 arson murder conviction is far from convincing. The My Girl hitmaker was found guilty of setting fire to an apartment to avenge an unpaid drug debt, killing the tenant and prosecutors contend the evidence is still stacked against Anderson, despite new claims he was in Mississippi when the arson attack took place in Los Angeles. The R+B star's legal team have now produced travel receipts and a sworn declaration from a Mississippi clergyman that proves Anderson is innocent. But the Los Angeles Times newspaper reports the DA's office insist the travel receipts were not authentic and the preacher had no clear recollection of the incarcerated Anderson appearing in his church - even though the R+B star claims he was pulled up on stage and introduced to the congregation. Anderson's lawyer David Bernstein refuses to give up, telling the Times, "I see nothing that makes me question the evidence we presented... Waymond is innocent."