Bridesmaids star Chris O'Dowd ensured his early auditions were memorable by pretending he had been attacked by a dog just before walking into his auditions.
The Irish actor admits he was overlooked by casting bosses at the start of his career until he developed his pooch ploy and became unforgettable.
He tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, "I wasn't a very natural casting for anything. I'd come out of drama school. Everybody comes out of drama school around the same time so London is suddenly scattered with thousands of actors. I asked a guy for advice and he said, 'You're going to go on loads of meetings with directors and producers. Make sure that they remember you.'
"I decided from there on in I was going to go into every meeting with a casting director or a producer and pretend that I had just been bitten by a dog. So I would be at the door, and I would (say), 'Oh f**k! Hey, I'm Chris! Did you see the Cocker Spaniel downstairs?' I would pretend I just got bitten. The story would get more and more complicated, like, 'He was holding a baby's rattle, I tried to pull it out! He looked so friendly but he bit me!'"
But O'Dowd admits he eventually had to give up his routine, adding, "I did this for four months in every meeting I went into until I went into one meeting and did it. They went, 'That's so weird because the last time you were here, you'd been bitten!'"