Eccentric reggae pioneer LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY has already scored the oddest collaboration of 2008 after signing up high-energy rocker ANDREW W.K. to produce his new album, REPENTANCE. Perry, 71, plans to release the album in May (08) and claims it will be "like a flying machine come here to save some people who repent." He adds, "It will prove that Jesus Christ is black because the shadows of people are black. I wouldn't say that if shadows weren't black." Meanwhile, Andrew W.K. tells he and Perry formed a tight friendship after the rocker interviewed his hero for a TV special in Austin, Texas earlier this year (07). The rocker says, "Lee left me with more to think about than anyone else. I could tell I wanted to talk to him more. "I asked what he was doing for his next album and said I'd like to be involved. Some time went by and then they (record company officials) asked me to produce."