OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER struggled to pick the band's first single release from their eagerly-awaited upcoming album - because he deemed all the tunes equally outstanding.

The British band spent over a year working on their troubled sixth studio disc, during which time they scrapped recorded tracks and fired producers.

And the Mancunian rockers suffered a similar trauma when they sat down to choose their first single, eventually deciding on LYLA - a tune they'd originally ditched from the record.

Gallagher says, "It was almost an afterthought. We were sat around going, 'It's a f**king good album but we don't have a fist single.' There was nothing obvious.

"I was on holiday and I said, 'What about that song Lyla?' Everyone went, 'F**king hell, I'd forgotten about that.'"

23/03/2005 17:10