Sports legend-turned-actor O.J. Simpson has been granted parole on some of the charges relating to his 2008 armed robbery conviction.

Nevada Parole Board officials granted his request for leniency in his sentence on Wednesday (31Jul13).

Simpson still has to serve at least four more years behind bars because his sentences are to be served consecutively.

The parole board bosses ruled he was worthy of parole due to his "institutional conduct, participation in programs and lack of prior conviction history."

His parole becomes effective on 2 October (13). He'll then start serving a 12-month-minimum sentence related to his use of a weapon during the incident.

Simpson was sentenced to serve up to 33 years behind bars in October, 2008, for entering a Las Vegas hotel room with associates and collecting sports memorabilia that he claimed belonged to him.

Last week (ends26Jul13), Simpson told parole board members that his years in custody have been "painful" at times.

He explained, "I missed my two younger kids who worked hard getting through high school, I missed their college graduations. I missed my sister's funeral. I missed all the birthdays."