A reporter for the New York Times, which has been closely covering the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping case, has been barred from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles after allegedly using her State Bar of California card to arrange a meeting with the investigator, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Thursday). The journalist, Allison Hope Weiner, was reportedly admitted to a room in the federal facility where inmates meet with their lawyers, but when guards brought Pellicano to the meeting room where Weiner was waiting, he refused to talk to her after learning she was a reporter. Pellicano said that he was "outraged" by what had occurred. In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, he said, "Based on my knowledge of MDC procedures, I believe this reporter misrepresented herself as my attorney by using her legal bar card to get in to see me." The New York Times confirmed that Weiner had been barred from the prison but denied that she had used subterfuge to land an interview with Pellicano. "Our reporter was very clear and forthright about her intentions and who she was," a spokeswoman for the Times said.