Although FRIDA missed out on many of its big OSCAR gongs, Salma Hayek's boyfriend Ed Norton is pleased that her dedication reaped rewards.

The FIGHT CLUB star - who took a small role in the movie - reckons the nominations themselves showed that Hayek's work paid off.

He says, "I've never seen a more powerful example of commitment, it was very inspiring. I don't expect to have one thing mean that much to me. "

However, the AMERICAN HISTORY X star is concerned that growing numbers of Oscar "campaigns" are sullying the reputation of the awards ceremony.

He adds, "Frida's nominations felt uncampaigned for, but collectively the Oscars are in danger of debasing themselves.

"You hear about young actors going to the old-age home where the Academy members live, knocking on the door and saying, "Hello, I'm so and so and I just want to show you our film. It's vile."