North West refuses to talk to her younger brother Saint.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's four-year-old daughter still hasn't bonded properly with her two-year-old sibling, though she has started to learn how to share more.

The 37-year-old reality star says North has warmed more to the couple's four-month-old daughter Chicago, than she did when her brother was first born.

Appearing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Monday (30.04.18), Kim shared: ''She's better than she was with Saint ... there was a shocking moment yesterday.

''She literally had a can of popcorn and was like, 'Saint, do you want some?' And I was like 'What!?' You gotta understand, she does not share with Saint, she does not hardly talk to Saint, so that was such a big moment in my household.''

Speaking in October, Kim admitted North was ''still jealous'' of Saint, and is yet to completely ''warm up'' to the tot.

However, she insisted that North is not ''harmful'' towards Saint, and she simply ''doesn't want boys in her room''.

The brunette beauty said: ''Obviously North loves Saint, she just is still jealous. She needs to still get it together and warm up and be a little bit nicer, but I think she's getting there. I saw glimmers of hope a week ago. She's not harmful, she's not hurting him or anything. She just doesn't want boys in her room.''

The businesswoman previously claimed in an interview in August last year that she finds it ''so hard'' to deal with her brood when they don't get along.

She said: ''I don't know if it's because she's the older sister. I don't know what it is. I thought it was a phase. She does not like her brother and it's so hard for me. She would get so jealous when I would breastfeed and all that kind of stuff. And now, the phase isn't going away.''