Irish singer BERNIE NOLAN was stunned when venue bosses decided to stand down security at a show - and a huge brawl broke out in the audience.
The Nolans star was on tour with her singing siblings when officials at an unnamed concert hall decided a gig by the family-friendly girl band would not require crowd-control staff.
But the I'm In the Mood for Dancing hitmakers were left terrified when a group of drunken women in the audience began fighting each other during the performance.
Bernie Nolan tells U.K. TV host Lorraine Kelly, "We went to one place, which will remain nameless, and the bouncers said, 'We will get all the security to go because it's The Nolans, you know?' And there was a fight! I was frightened. There was a fight, because everyone's having a drink before the show - you know what us ladies are like on the wine. Everywhere we went there was trouble - it was great!"