The rock world can breathe a sigh of relief - the stories which didn't make it into former It girl PATTIE BOYD's revealing WONDERFUL TONIGHT book will never make it into print.
The former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton revealed almost all in her hit 2007 tome - but was advised to leave some explosive stories out.
She says, "I had to meet up with the lawyers in New York and go through the points that they thought were particularly litigious, and so things were taken out because of the possibility of legal backlash."
And now Boyd insists the stories that were cut from the book will remain untold - because there will be no update or sequel.
She adds, "This is it. When I do another book, I really just want to do photographs with anecdotes, which I think would be fun. I don't want to bleat on about this and that. I'm not cashing in."
That means she'll never tell whether the rumoured wife-swapping tryst between pals Harrison and Ronnie Wood really took place - even after the Rolling Stone hinted about the sex switch in his recent autobiography, Ronnie.
Boyd adds, "There's absolutely no need to report on bad behaviour. I sort of flipped through Ronnie's book, I didn't really read it from cover to cover, so I can't really comment on that."