Gigi Lepage was given carte blanche for the 'Grace of Monaco' wardrobe.

The costume designer says director Olivier Dahan allowed her to mix vintage brands favoured by late screen icon Grace Kelly with new and replica items when it came to dressing Nicole Kidman for the lead role in the new movie.

She explained in an interview with WWD: ''Olivier Dahan gives me complete freedom when I'm working with him. When I ask him questions, he replies, 'Read the script,' which means that maybe the answer is hiding between the lines like a magic formula. This is one of the reasons it's a real pleasure working with him.

''Since it wasn't an historical film, I felt free in terms of the plot to create costumes and along with the set decor, the fashion spirit of the Sixties inspired me.''

The film, which makes its grand debut out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival in France today (14.05.14), is a retelling of Princess Grace of Monaco's seminal choice between returning to her Hollywood career or helping her husband Prince Rainier III ward off a political crisis with France.

Top fashion houses including Christian Dior and Chanel donated looks for the film, while Gigi also created dresses loosely inspired by archive photographs.

She said: ''I worked with a specific colour palette that first and foremost enhanced her blonde hair, blue eyes and her delicate porcelain skin. I definitely kept in mind colours that were in vogue during this period, especially pale yellow, which was a favourite of Grace of Monaco.''

Jewellery was provided courtesy of Cartier after the Sovereign House of Monaco gave the jeweller permission to recreate five looks from royal collection, including Grace's 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.