Nicolas Ghesquiere is desperate to have his own fashion label.

The 46-year-old fashion designer - who is the creative director of the French fashion house - has revealed his ''intention'' is to have a designer brand of his own, although he has not set a time he wants to achieve his goal by.

Speaking to The South China Morning Post, the creative mastermind - who has also worked for fellow creator Jean Paul Gaultier and Balenciaga - said: ''It's a question of time, but my intention is to do it, definitely. I have many things to say. Also, differently. It's just that I've been taken by very fascinating projects for years and also, I think it's good to be very focused on what you do. It's still there. I will never say I will never do it. But there is no timing.''

However, the dark-haired mogul is content with his career at the moment and working on Louis Vuitton's ready-to-wear range because the brand is so popular, although people believe it is only a ''small'' company he helms.

He explained: ''To be the second one in a very fresh new brand in terms of ready-to-wear was interesting to me. When people say 'it's small', it's huge compared to any other house because Vuitton is so big. So doing the small things that grow into something so big, it's quite fascinating and very attractive.''

And Nicolas has revealed when he is working on the main collections he is ''very focused'', but when it comes to designing the cruise capsule he ''lets [himself] go'' and will experiment more with the designs.

He explained: ''I have a very focused story when I do Paris, but for the cruise, I let myself go further. Because it's winter and summer mixed together, you'll be able to do things you were not able to do [for the two main collections].''