Nicolas Ghesquière may be putting himself ''in danger'' for his next ventures.

The 42-year-old designer has remained tight-lipped about his plans since departing his 15-year post as Creative Director at Balenciaga last November, but he has now opened up about his innovative new ideas, which will deliberately put him in jeopardy.

He revealed: ''I'm preparing something, but I have choices to make. I will announce something when I am ready. I may be putting myself in danger, but that's what I want these days.

''I enjoyed years of extreme comfort at Balenciaga. It's fantastic to harvest that status to explore in new ways, rather than sticking to a routine - even if it was the most comfortable and incredible - I couldn't be in a better position.''

Ghesquière is rumoured to be launching his own name-sake label, as well as partnering up with LVMH, but the designer hopes to take a break before setting out on his new ''rule breaking'' projects.

He added to German magazine 032c: ''Ideally I'd like to give myself a six-month break, to travel and discover things. I'm not sure it'll happen because some interesting projects are on the horizon.

''Given the projects and the offers I have on the table, the trick is to think about what is most inspiring, what can become a new way of working ...

''I may decide to fulfil that mission again, and I'll enjoy it as I always have. Another part of me absolutely wants to break these rules.''