Newton Faulkner would love to be an opera singer because they are great drinkers.

The 34-year-old British singer/songwriter has joked that he's considering making a move into operatic performances because they get ''three days off and get paid really well'' and get to partake in ''epic drinking''.

In an exclusive interview with BANG Showbiz, he quipped: ''What I want to get into is opera, do like one show, take three days off get, paid really well. I was talking to someone about who drinks the most in the music business and how all the rock 'n' roll bands that you come across, the proper rock 'n' roll bands, it's like, 'Oh what are you guys doing after the show?' And they're like, 'Oh we're gonna have green tea and do yoga,' it's bulls**t!

''Then someone who was working for a record company was like, 'Actually, I did a series an opera thing. If you wanna see impressive behaviour and epic drinking, opera is the one. They are animals.' I was like, 'Cool.' ''

Away from his own concerts, 'Dream Catch Me' hitmaker Newton was cast back in 2016 as Johnny in the stage musical 'American Idiot' - which is based on the album of the same name by Green Day - and he looks back on the part with great affection because it was ''really fun'' to play a ''heroin addict who was kind of suicidal and a bit schizophrenic''.

He said: ''It was just really fun it was a crazy thing. Loads of things that I never expected to be doing. Like I was in my pants everyday in front of lots of people and I was playing an American heroin addict who was kind of suicidal, a bit schizophrenic, a lot going on. He was a bust guy.''

Newton is releasing 'The Very Best of Newton Faulkner... So Far' is out on 15 March and he is heading out on a UK tour from April.

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