News Corp, which got out of the home-satellite business in the U.S. in February when it sold its controlling interest in DirecTV to Liberty Media, is planning to establish a "new wholly-owned" satellite subsidiary in Japan in 2011, according to Nikkei News, which cited no sources. It was unclear, however, how the business plans to function. News reports in the U.S. said that it was likely that News Corp merely plans to launch another satellite program channel in Japan that would expand the number of channels it currently operates in the country -- but there was no explanation of why a separate subsidiary would be required to do so. News Corp is the leading satellite carrier in most other parts of Asia, with its STAR satellite service beaming regional channels to Greater China, India, Indonesia, and the rest of South East Asia, but it sold its interest in Japan's SkyPerfectTV in 2004 after its stake in the company, which it launched in 1997, became increasingly diluted through share sales and mergers.