The producers of upcoming Broadway show You Can't Take It With You have given The Humane Society of New York a big boost by agreeing to showcase kittens for adoption as part of the new play.

Kittens that are up for adoption will appear onstage at the Longacre Theatre in New York before the performance and at intermission as Humane Society bosses attempt to find new ways of finding the baby cats homes.

All the kittens are being trained by Bill Berloni, a top theatrical animal trainer and the Humane Society of New York's Director of Animal Behaviour and Training, who says, "The Broadway shows I have worked on have always supported my animal adoption efforts behind the scenes, and this is a fantastic opportunity to bring the adoption work to the forefront by inviting our audiences to participate in what will be the first major animal adoption program ever done on Broadway.

"The Humane Society of New York runs a first class operation that works with many kitten rescuers in New York City then treats them medically before socialising and domesticating them for placement in quality homes. This partnership will help raise awareness of the importance of animal adoption, as well as connect loving future kitten owners with animals who have not only been provided by the best-rated shelter in the Tri State area but have also graced the stage with the stars of You Can't Take It With You."