Revered American baseball team the New York Mets have fallen prey to a hoax which has seen a song by 1980s British pop star RICK ASTLEY named as the side's new signature tune.
The team launched a poll to find a new track to play before their games but the competition was hijacked by a phenomenon known as "Rickrolling".
Internet pranksters have been posting Astley's 1987 hit Never Gonna Give You Up all over the web and the jokers urged computer-users across the globe to vote in the Mets' poll.
Over five million people complied and the song was voted in as the team's new tune.
Mets bosses have been forced to admit they fell victim to the scam and will now host a "run-off" of the top six songs, allowing crowds at the games to hear the shortlist and gauge their reactions to pick a final winner.