The New Day don't want to associate with Hulk Hogan despite his WWE return.

The popular African-American tag team - made up of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods - have commented on news that the legendary wrestler has been reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame three years after the transcript of a tape was leaked in which he uttered racist language, using the 'N-word' to describe his daughter Brooke Hogan's ex-boyfriend.

However, the trio insisted they were willing to give The Hulkster a second chance and the opportunity to redeem himself.

In a lengthy statement on Twitter, the trio said: ''On a personal level, when someone makes racist and hateful comments about any race or group of people, especially to the degree Hogan made about our people, we find it difficult to simply forget, regardless of how long ago it was, or the situation in which those comments were made.

''But we also do not respond with more feelings of hate. Instead, we just do not associate with the people who convey or have conveyed this negative and hurtful mindset. This instance will be no different. Perhaps if we see him make a genuine effort to change, then maybe our opinion will change with him. Time will tell.''

It was confirmed this week that WWE was reinstating Hogan - whose real name is Terry Bollea - into the Hall of Fame ''after a three-year suspension'', and while New Day have issues personally, they can't disregard his legacy and impact on the sports entertainment business.

They wrote: ''How do we feel? Indifferent. We are not happy, sad or resentful. Who WWE puts into the HOF is totally and completely up to the company and from a career standpoint, there is no argument whether or not Hogan should have his place.

''We have no problem with his re-induction in the slightest degree. It is impossible to even begin to mention the history of the business without mentioning his name and accolades.''

Their collective statement comes after Hall of Famer Mark Henry said he is willing to help Hogan, 64, make things right upon his return to the company.

After the star apologised to the WWE roster backstage at the 'Extreme Rules' event over the weekend, Mark told Busted Open Radio: ''I was very optimistic after talking to him. He's like, 'Mark I'll do whatever. Because I want people to see my heart, not what I said anymore. It's an embarrassing thing. I go places and I see people giving me a look I'm not used to getting and it's been that way since that time.'

''He said, 'I can't live with it like that. I gotta fix it.' And I was like, 'Great, you're willing to fix it? I'm willing to help.' ''