Net-a-Porter will partner with Lionsgate for a 'Hunger Games' fashion line called Capitol Couture.

The new clothing range - which will tie into the release of November's 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' - will be stocked by the online store and take inspiration from costume designer Trish Summerville's vibrant outfits seen in the movies.

Trish will design the collection which will feature ''laser-cut leather, streamlined silhouettes and dramatic eveningwear'', according to Net-a-Porter.

As well as clothing, Capitol Couture will also include jewellery and leather accessories.

In addition to Capitol Couture, Lionsgate previously announced it will partner with cosmetics brand Covergirl for a Capitol Collection make-up line inspired by the films, which star Oscar-winning beauty Jennifer Lawrence.

It's not yet known what beauty products the line will entail, but in the films, residents of the fictitious Capitol are known for their bright, bold and eccentric-coloured make-up.

The Capitol Collection will be accompanied by a dramatic TV and print campaign inspired by 'The Hunger Games', which will be ''a first-of-its-kind creative advertising campaign'', according to Covergirl.