Neelam Gill's ''main priority'' when she is getting dressed every day is comfort.

The 22-year-old model has admitted she used to be ''super girly'' but after being signed to Models 1 at the age of 14 she has started to tone down her everyday style and ''not care'' about the outfits she wears.

Speaking to The Debrief about her wardrobe choices, the brunette beauty said: ''Before I was modelling I was that girl that was super girly, I wouldn't leave the house without make-up and I would wear heels just to go shopping. And I feel having this job has forced me to not care, which is weird because people would think because you are a model you would care so much about what people think.

''I feel like comfort is my main priority because when I am on set I'm always in sometimes the craziest clothes because after a long day of working and after when I get back into my clothes I want to feel my best.''

And the fashion muse follows the same rule with her hair and make-up, and she will take a break from wearing cosmetic products when she is not working.

She explained: ''When I'm not working most times I'm so exhausted I just wasn't to give my hair a break, my skin a break and I just want to blend in.''

However, the star has revealed when she has dressed down for a spot of retail therapy she has noticed the sales team have treated her differently.

Neelam explained: '' Sometimes, I'll just be dressed in a tracksuit and trainers when I'm not working, and I can go into a high-end, they give me a bit of attitude and I think that 'Oh she can't afford to buy anything'. Whereas I've been in other times really dressed up and the sales people are really attentive, so you definitely see a change.''

And the catwalk icon feels she has become a ''character'' when she goes on set of a photoshoot and is completely transformed after being styled by hair and beauty experts.

She said: ''I go into work really understated and then I have hair and make-up and styling, clothes can really transform you. I almost become a character, because some fo the clothes are so strong and structure. I don't really get shy.''