R+B singer NE-YO has no regrets about leaving his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada for Los Angeles - because there's no room for urban acts in Sin City. The SO SICK hitmaker, 23, admits that while Vegas is a great place for cabaret acts and contemporary pop stars, it is tough for an R+B or rap artist to reach success in America's gambling capital. He says, "There's really no music industry in Vegas in that if you're gonna try and be in this business you gotta get out of Vegas, you have to. "The height of a singer's career in Vegas is getting put on one of the big shows on the strip. Once you get there, that's the peak. "You can make a really great living doing that, like, there's people in Vegas right now living like kings and queens off that, but if you want the whole world to see your talent you gotta get out of Vegas - which is what I did right after high school. We moved."