N-Dubz love the "challenge" of playing festivals.

The trio are set to play London's Wireless festival next month and singer Tulisa says they love performing in front of mixed crowds as it gives them the opportunity to attract new fans.

She said: "I like festivals because I find them a challenge. You've got thousands of people there and they're not all there to see you.

"It's about winning the people over who are there to see a different act and making them walk away saying, 'I went there to see so and so, but you know what, I really loved the N-Dubz performance.'

"It's just a wicked vibe to have that many people in one place - performing for them."

The group are currently in the studio working on the follow up to their 2008 LP 'Uncle B' and Tulisa admits tempers can become fraught.

She added to BBC Newsbeat: "I'm locked away with Dappy and Fazer day in, day out. It is absolutely stressful. That is one downfall to the situation."