Bosnian Roma actor Nazif Mujic has abandoned his bid for political asylum in Germany and returned to his homeland of his own accord.

The winner of the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 2013 Berlin Film Festival relocated his family to the German capital in November (13) and applied for permission to make the city their home, but his efforts were denied by immigration authorities and they were due to be deported in March (14).

Mujic reached out to festival officials to help him appeal the decision, but after taking his case to Berlin state lawmakers for review, he has decided to give up and has since headed back to Bosnia.

Festival spokeswoman Frauke Greiner reveals Mujic had become fed up by the lengthy and uncertainty of the process, reports the Associated Press.

The actor, who won his Silver Bear honour for portraying himself in Danis Tanovic's An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker, had previously declared he would rather commit suicide than go back to his homeland.

At a press conference in February (14), he told the media, "Bosnia betrayed me. I will not go back. I would rather hang myself."

German authorities have not accepted asylum seekers from Bosnia and Herzegovina for several years, because the former Soviet Union nation is considered to be politically stable following the end of the Bosnian War in December, 1995.