NAATIONS' Nat Dunn says Marshmello trusts his collaborators not to reveal his identity.

The world famous anonymous DJ recently teamed up with Anne-Marie on the track 'Friends', and the hit song's co-writer Nat - of half of the Australian house duo - knows exactly who it is after the trio's studio session because he took off his marshmallow head when they worked together.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Nat said: ''The three of us wrote the song in the studio together.

''He wasn't wearing his helmet, he had it there with him but he wasn't wearing it.''

Asked if they had to sign a contract to say they won't say who it is, she said: ''No, it's all down to trust.''

Speaking about working with 'Heavy' singer Anne-Marie, Nat said: ''Anne-Marie and I just get along really well.

''We had a lot of fun. We wrote the song fairly quickly and just had a good time.''

Nat also recently penned a song which is hopefully going to be on the new Backstreet Boys record.

Speaking about the track for the 90s boyband - comprised AJ McLean, Howie D., Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell - she said: ''It was going to be their first single but apparently it's now going to be their second single. ''You never know - it changes all the time with labels. If it ever comes out at all...''

Asked if it is a departure from their boyband era, she said: ''It's definitely quite fresh for them, it definitely works for a boyband though.''

NAATIONS' new single 'Touch Me' is out now via First Access Records.