N-DUBZ rapper DAPPY has been dumped by his longterm girlfriend after allegedly cheating on her with at least six different women.
The British hip-hop star has been dating Kaye Vassell on and off for three years, and the pair has a son, Gino. Vassell is now pregnant with their second baby.
But the 19 year old has called off her relationship with Dappy, real name Costas Dinos Contostavlos, after learning of his alleged affairs.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "He's hurt me beyond belief so I'm walking away. Dappy just isn't mature enough to have a proper relationship. He's confessed to six affairs, but I get messages every day from girls who say they've slept with him. I've kept quiet but Dappy's shown me no respect. He's the father of my son, but he behaves like a child, not a man."
Vassell also claims Contostavlos was "verbally abusive" towards her during their relationship - and alleges she received hate mail from N-Dubz fans.
She adds, "He has a verbally abusive side, and because he can't not talk about his life, I get hate mail from fans who believe everything he says. They call me a b**ch or write 'We Hate Kaye Vassell'. It's hard to be hated by so many 12 year olds."
Dappy has spoken out about the allegations - insisting he will support Vassell. He says, "I'm standing by Kaye, our son and unborn baby. I will always be there for her."